Thesartoralist If you're not already a loyal follower of The Sartoralist a.k.a King of the Fashion Blogs, then now is a good time to jump on board. Snapping those inside and outside of the tents of New York Fashion Week, The Sartoralist otherwise known as Scott Schuman, helps to show us what the man (and the woman) on the street thinks is fashionable. And, needless to say I'm loving it! I'm always intrigued by his photos. Obviously, with over 15 years experience in the fashion industry, he knows what's what. But his blog has become such a cult hit that it is now considered the ultimate if you're lucky enough to have been photographed by him, or better yet, blogged about. Simply check out the comments if you need any further proof of how popular this man's work is.

My favourite images from The Sartoralist right now are this one of a girl outside the tents at NY Fashion Week, a woman running to (presumably a show) and a gorgeous little old lady all decked out in leopard print while in Paris.

See more of his photos for NY Fashion Week via