After our Dare to Wear a playsuit post, we thought that it was an opportune time to have a look at the the all-in-one  garment again. Yes, the playsuit, a.k.a. jumpsuit. Originally designed for skydiving, it’s re-entered the fashion world, thanks to a handful of designers, and it's a trend that's already inundating the fast fashion chain stores like Topshop. Love them or hate them, it looks like  stores will be pushing them hard for Spring!

To get the look, keep reading after the cut...

If you’ve got the nerve, Topshop’s  'Plait Bib Playsuit' is quite sweet, and would look great with a white shirt underneath, not unlike the checked racer-back playsuit that Gemma featured last month. If you want something more fashion-forward, you might like the full-length halterneck playsuit, with keyhole detail at the front, which is reminiscent of the one Lindsay Lohan wore last year. If you don't really have the nerve, but want to try the trend out, why not try the Peter Alexander striped ‘pyjamas’ playsuit, for something super sweet to wear to bed – and given that shipping and exchange rate from Australia is so cheap - they'd be a bargain that few Brits would have, too!

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