At last - a new fashion trend I can really get to grips with. You see, Antoni & Alison's models weren't just wearing some gorgeous dresses at their London Fashion Week show: they were also carrying some rather fabulous accessories, in the shape of chips, red wine, and cigarettes. I'll be skipping the cigarettes, I think, but chip butties and wine? Bring 'em on...

The show took place in a pub, so there was a reason for the booze n' fags (other than the "one in the eye to the Size 0 ebate" aspect to showing models actually eating). There was nothing traditionally pub-like about the clothes, though, which were lady-like and gorgeous, with lots of pretty dresses cut in flattering shapes for a change (can you tell I'm tired of tunics?)  while a large amount of psychadelic prints and some clashing colours rounded off the show.

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