We've seen all the dresses, now let's take a closer look at each part of the stunning gowns. Up third is Anne Hathaway in a delicate Valentino gown.

Someone chose a strapless dress that wasn’t the same old! Congratulations Anne. While a white lace dress would have looked like Anne was walking down the aisle and not the Oscars 2007 red carpet, the black bows – one at the front and one right around the knee bend – gives it a bit of a contemporary feel.

While the lace may look like it harks back to an era of your grandmother’s curtains, Anne livens up the look with diamond bangles and bracelets on her left wrist with the silver sparkle of the accessories contrasted brilliantly with the diamante black clutch. Throw in pearl earrings and a beautiful up-do, it shows that Anne certainly has taken her red carpet dressing to a new level.

[photos courtesy of Getty Images]