As if putting up with boys incessantly flicking your bra straps in late primary school / early high school wasn't bad enough; now we have The Strap Police to contend with! That said, it does look nicer when your straps aren't hanging out haphazardly, and fortunately, Wonderbra have come up with a fabulous new bra to reduce our strap-related woes. With converters, multiple sockets (if you will) and a clear front panel for those plunging neck-lines, the 'multi-plunge bra' sounds more Shiny Shiny gadget than undergarment! Still, with at least 100 ways to wear it, it would rival even the most creative uses of the good ol' Infinite Dress! You can pick yours up (complete with demonstration video on the website!) for just £26 from ASOS.

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