I nearly jumped out of my seat with excitement when these groovy designs appeared on my laptop screen. Minnesota-based clothing label Dadadie Brucke is dedicated to all things '60s. The brainchild of Jessika Madison-Kennedy and Estelle Theilen, Dadadie Brucke is directly influenced by mod culture and uses original '60s prints. All garments, which include a range of dresses, skirts and trousers, are handmade. Just like our own Editor-in-Chief, Gemma Cartwright, Madison-Kennedy is a London College of Fashion graduate and spends her time between the UK and US. Keep reading under the cut for more on Dadadie Brucke...

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Geometric shapes, bold colours and simplicity are three key elements in the Dadadie Brucke range. According to designer Jessika Madison-Kennedy, "it's the eye-catching racing striped and colour-blocked styles that sell the best. These styles stand out and sort of have a broad appeal which makes them almost impossible to find vintage." Just looking at one of her wonderful designs instantly makes me want to comb my hair into a bouffant, jump on a scooter and hang with the cool crowd.

From left to right: Pink wool dress with White trim $215, Black and White Target dress $179 and Flower Spirograph Dress $165.

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