They came, they flaunted, they posed and now they face the Catwalk Queen fashion panel for our red-carpet round up. Overall, we were left feeling rather disappointed at the lack of originality. All up we counted 18 (yes, 18!) white gowns mostly of the white, Grecian-inspired variety draped in layers of material... yawn! Were the fashion stylists of Hollywood conspiring via some major hoax to poke fun at their celebrity clients? Or have they simply run out of original ideas? Whatever the story is, here is our run-down of the best and worst dressed at the 64th Annual Golden Globes...

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The Good

Sheryl Crowe - A stand-out in deep crimson velvet with satin detail. We also loved the loose blonde waves.
Reese Witherspoon - By choosing a short frock, she added a much-needed splash of colour and interest to the evening in Nina Ricci. Our only concern - how tiny she has become, don't shrink on us Reese please!
America Ferrera - The new darling of television not only walked away with a Globe but also won over fashion critiques on the red carpet in a deep purple/navy Brian Reyes gown. Cute, elegant and classy.
Renee Zellweger - Also choosing the short frock option, Renee avoided the white brigade by going with a strapless emerald dress that oozed sophistication.
Penelope Cruz - I may not be her biggest fan but this Chanel Couture gown looked simply stunning along the red carpet.
Helen Mirren - What an elegant lady! Big kudos from the CQ team for this gorgeous Donna Karan Couture gown in jewel blue and not white! From the purse to her simple pendant she definitely wins our vote.

The Best

Jennifer Lopez - We were just as surprised as you probably were to see what Ms Lopez totted out in last night, but she really was the most original, most stylish celeb to grace the Golden Globes yesterday. In a one shoulder (a CQ trend prediction) black Marchesa gown, she stole the show with gorgeous back strappy detail and typical J-Lo bling-bling.

The Bad

Cameron Diaz - Maybe it's her recent split with Justin Timberlake that's affecting her taste in fashion at the moment but this Valentino disaster is simply unforgivable. Imitating one of those toilet-holder dolls usually found in old people's homes, Cam is a muddled up mixture of ribbon, tulle and more tulle... cringe!
Rinko Kikuchi - If you're like us then you probably have no idea who she is and after yesterday's frightful red carpet appearance you may never want to. Competing with Cameron Diaz to see who could wear the most pale pink tulle, Rinko took the concept of unique to a whole other level in this Chanel gown that should have stayed on the catwalk and off the red carpet.
Annette Bening - Can anyone say bed sheet? It's as if she took a bed sheet, drew on some silver sparkles and thought this would do the job. Time to take a page out of Helen Mirren's book - it doesn't matter what age you are, there is no excuse for slack dressing!

The Worst

The Olsen Twins - Ah! This is Cruella De Ville meets Chucky's Bride. There is just way too many things wrong with both of these outfits, from the tortured blonde hair to the scary make-up, to the fur wrap and hideous frocks. These girls are a true sight and should be attended to immediately... scary!

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