Dior_9 No Paris Couture Week would be complete without a collection from Christian Dior. Lead by the master creator himself, John Galliano, his show for Spring/Summer 2007 can only be described in one word - breathtaking. Inspired by a research trip to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, Galliano's show was geisha meets technology-obsessed Asia. A mixed flavour of Eastern and Western cultures. From the ornate head pieces to the rope and sandal geisha platforms every fold of fabric reflected his take on Japan. It also told of the relationship between Madame Butterfly and Lieutenant Pinkerton with the theme from Puccini's Madame Butterfly playing over the top.

To finish the show, Galliano made his appearance playing the gallant lieutenant in military regalia, leaving the audience spellbound under a cloud of white confetti butterflies. An entertainer for over a decade, Galliano's Japanese extravaganza definitely marked his couture comeback. What I wouldn't have done to have witnessed it. [Courtesy of Vogue.co.uk]

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