Oh Primark, why won't you start selling your clothes online? It would be doing everyone such a favour, especially when you bring out a delicious new collection like this one. Yes folks,  Primark have now revealed their Spring/Summer stock, and if you don't like mini dresses it would probably be a good idea to look away from the screen right about now, because this collection is just jam packed with them! Best of all, these dresses are, in characteristic Primark style, jaw-droppingly cheap: each dress on this page, for instance, is just £10. Yes, £10! More dresses after the jump...


Again, you'll get quite a bit of change out of £20 here: the green dress to the right of the picture is the most expensive, at £14, the middle dress is £10, and the one on the left (which would perhaps be better described as a top) is just £8.

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