PinkpetaAn avid supporter of PETA, Pink apologised to Australian wool farmers yesterday, saying she had her facts wrong. While touring Paris last December, Pink referred to the practise of mulesing, i.e. cutting the loose skin from the backsides of sheep to discourage flies - as "sadistic" and called on fans to boycott Australian wool products. However, in preparation for her April tour of Australia, Pink was forced to admit she had been misinformed. "I probably could have done a lot more research on my own. That's the lesson I'm taking from this. My message was, in my mind, boycott animal cruelty, not an entire industry," she told reporters.

Toni Collette signed onto PETA's anti-mulesing campaign in 2005 before later apologising. Mulesing is scheduled to be phased out in Australia by 2010. [Courtesy of Reuters]

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