Britneyparis It seems that Mr Blackwell doesn't think much of Britney Spears' "fashion sense" (or lack thereof, if you ask me!), as she has once again topped his Worst-Dressed List (his 47th!). In a surprise move, however, he awarded the top dishonour jointly to Ms Paris Hilton ("two peas in an overexposed pod") - and I suspect that it was the 'shared stockings' moment that clinched that one! In second place was poor ol' Camilla Bowles ("Duchess of Dowdy" - ouch!), and third place was bestowed upon "adorable to deplorable" Lindsay Lohan. Christina Aguilera copped "all crass and no class" in fourth place; while Mariah Carey at number five was labelled "the fashion pariah...the queen of catastrophic kitsch".

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6. Paula Abdul, "a fallen fashion idol".
7. Sharon Stone, "over-the-hill Cruella DeVille".
8. Tori Spelling, "down and out in Beverly Hills".
9. Sandra Oh, "layered lunacy from head to toe".
10. Meryl Streep, "you could weep".

(Well, at least the man can rhyme, right?)

To balance out the meanness (though admittedly oft deserved), he also released his top-ten 'fabulous fashion independents':

1. Kate Winslet
2. Angelina Jolie
3. Helen Mirren (Yay, Helen!)
4. Barbra Streisand
5. Beyonce
6. Nancy Pelosi (Representative for California)
7. Princess Charlotte of Monaco
8. Heidi Klum
9. Katie Holmes
10. Marcia Cross

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Image courtesy of People (Photo: Lins-AlphaX/X17)