Strappolice Celebrities be warned! The Strap (as in bra strap) Police are on the case and are calling on the public to report any unslightly bra stap behaviour to the website where offenders will receive a fashion violation. Righty-oh then!

But this is where it all starts to make a bit more sense, because the name-and-shame service was set up by Margarita Reis, owner of bra company Margarita Couture, as (one can only assume) a clever PR stunt. "Ugly bra strap syndrome is what women get as they dress up and bare their shoulders with an out-of-place strap showing," said Reis, who sells more than 90 different styles of bra straps.

As the awards seasons heats up Reis expects to receive a lot of feedback. "I was watching an award show recently and saw a well-known celebrity sporting dirty bra straps underneath a beautiful evening dress - that is a major fashion faux pas!" she said. What will be next? The VPL (visible panty line) Police?

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