V1Gemma Cartwright writes...

If you'd have told me a year ago that I'd be spending the second week of January reporting from the biggest technology convention in the world, I'd have laughed in your face. Moi? Technology? In these shoes?!

But that's what happens when you work with a bunch of gadget freaks. Things rub off after a while. I'm now a DS toting, HTML loving, bluetooth obsessed geek with more gadgety bits of tat in my house than I care to admit to.  I'm also the only one with the patience to spend all day in the press room uploading videos and filing copy (because I know it means I can go shopping at Neiman Marcus Last Call at the end of it all).

So my suitcase is (half) packed and I have one plane ticket to Las Vegas in my grubby mitts (yes, the location was the other clincher). But exactly how does a fashionista turn herself into a convincingly professional looking nerd for a week? Read on, friends...

The secret to fitting in, I'm told, is not to try too hard. In the world of tech, it's more about your knowledge of high definition than your collection of high heels (ha! a dodgy tech vs fashion pun. I bet you didn't see that one coming). When you put thought into your outfits the way I do, there is a risk of coming across a bit like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde on her first day at Harvard. She works so hard on her 'studious' looking ensemble that she ends up looking like she turned up in costume. I can just see myself falling into the geek trap so much I'll end up looking like the female Napoleon Dynamite*. But how does one dress for an event that's usually frequented by men in suits and computer nerds in 'ironic' t-shirts? We already have a pool running on which Shiny girl will be mistaken for a PR / booth babe first (I bet it's Susi).

Nerds In the end I decided if you can't beat them, join them. No silk blouses and pencil skirts for me next week. Oh no. Though I've still not truly given in to the idea of wearing trainers (you can't teach an old dog new tricks) I am doing well with my internet pop culture referencing t-shirts and many, many pairs of jeans. I'm swapping my Marc Jacobs handbag for a knomo laptop bag, and nodding to my man by wearing one of his quirky apple watch fobs instead (well, I might be if I can find one in the sales). Luckily the weather in Vegas at the moment is similar to what it's like in London so I can whip out the boots and avoid the dreaded trainers (I have nothing against them, I just don't wear them). And maybe I'll finish the look with a 'not only am I artistic and creative, but I'm also having a bad hair day' cable knit hat. Just because I can...

Gemma's CES survival kit (aka all a girly geek needs):


'Fawcett' knee high leather boots £89.99 Office, Benefit Dallas palette £23.40 HQHair, Save Feris tee £19.99 Truffle Shuffle, Pink DS lite console £85.09 Dabs.com, Animal Crossing DS game around £25,   Big bunny tee $15 Making Fiends Shop, 'V' smart jean £40 Topshop, Samara bag £149 Knomo, Apple watch necklace $125 Marc by Marc Jacobs, cable knit hat £12 Accessorize .

* Of course not all CES attendees are geeks. Just ask Kat.