dolce2007_1.jpg Images from Dolce & Gabbana's latest advertising campaign have been criticised by the Advertising Standards Authority, who say that the campaign glorified violent crime. The photographs in question, which were published last October, depicted models fighting, holding knives, and displaying graphic injuries. 


166 complaints were received when the ads ran in The Times and Daily Telegraph: however, no complaints were received when they appeared in publications in China, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and the US. Undeterred, the ASA said the advert in The Times  was " likely to cause serious or widespread offence" - mostly because it appeared opposite an article on knife-related crime. Oops. You'll find some images from the campaign in question after the jump. What do you think? Do they make you want to stab someone (Dolce or Gabbana, perhaps?), or are the watchdogs taking it all just a little bit too seriously?