Yes, it did cause quite a stir in Shiny offices yesterday when Time magazine revealed their 'Top Ten Fashion Crazes' in 2006. While we agreed with some of their picks, e.g. the miniskirt/minidress and the tunic, we were mostly left feeling disappointed with what they chose  as the new trends to have emerged in 2006. Once again, bearing in mind that Time is a US magazine and therefore would naturally vary to our UK trends, we still felt the need to put together our own list. Continue below to cut to find out what made our list for the Top Ten Fashion Trends of 2006... Drum roll please....


1. The 60s
It influenced everything in 2006 from what we put on our backs to what we put on our feet. The 60s retro style saw a return of the miniskirt/mini dress, scooped necks, balloon sleeves, printed patterns and satin blouses. And as the UK enters the Winter season, don't expect this trend to fade out with woollen tunics and turtlenecks already on the shelves.

2. Leggings and Opaque tights
One of these items Gemma loves and one of them she hates. Any guesses to which? Either way, leggings and tights (mostly of the opaque variety) were everywhere in 2006 almost eclipsing skinny jeans as the straight leg choice. Leggings became so popular that Balenciaga even designed a $100,000 pair! We wore them under skirts, dresses and shorts and just like the 60s style revival, they don't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon as the colder months move in.

3. Stacked Heels
Finding popularity early in 2006, stacked heels got a huge boost when the Olsen twins first stepped out in a pair of Louboutins. Then the high street stores caught on and a trend was born. The style spilled out into different styles - mary janes, platforms, boots, wedges, plus more!

4. Check / Plaid / Tartan
Whatever you happen to call it, check made a huge impact in 2006 including everything from skirts to shirts, corsets and dresses.  It was a trend that hoped to surpass polka dots and stripes and hit the market from every angle from the catwalk to the street. Whether it continues into 2007 remains to be seen...

5. The Sequin Dress
It started when Sienna Miller fronted up to Anglomania wearing a gold sequined Burberry dress and took off when we discovered that Primark had released their own version for just £18. This cheap high-street copy inspired further high-street versions. However, our prediction is we will see this trend die out in 2007 as it becomes over-saturated by the media and the market.

6. Red Lipstick
Along with black nail polish, red lipstick saw a big comeback in 2006 as beauty trends took an old Hollywood glamour direction as seen on celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Scarlett Johansson and Gwen Stefani. Inspired from the catwalk and films such as 'Memoirs of a Geisha' and 'The Devil Wears Prada'.

7. Grey
Perhaps as a means to highlight your red lipstick, grey and gunmetal colours quickly became the brown  of 2006 appearing both in clothing and accessories. Now that Winter has arrived, expect to see more grey in the stores as an alternative to black, particularly in knits and cardigans.

8. The Sweater Dress
Welcomed by many but unsure as to how to wear it, the sweater dress was a definite talking point in the last twelve months. Luckily we posted a guide on how to pull off the sweater dress without looking like you're wearing a shapeless sack. Worn together with a belt, over leggings with a pair of high boots was the popular look.

9. Houndstooth
Houndstooth or dogtooth was a big hit in coats last year but soon translated into other pieces such as dresses, skirts and handbags. Houndstooth being reminiscent of lady-like, sophisticated charm was a stand-out staple piece in everyone's wardrobe in 2006. Many fell in love with the cropped houndstooth jacket, us included!

10. Crochet
Once again it began with a celebrity, this time Kate Moss to get people to sit up and take notice of crochet. As word spread and the high street picked up on the trend, the white crochet dress in particular found a dedicated following.

Runner's Up: The maxi dress, skull and crossbones, wide leg trousers.

Trends That Stuck Around: Skinny jeans, high waists, cropped jackets, wide belts, ballet flats. 

What do you think...? Do you agree with our choices?