Cqtop50_1 With the Telegraph announcing their awards for the style winners and losers of 2006 today, here is our list of who we believe made the fab and drab lists for 2006...it's also the next installment of our slightly delayed top 50 of the year (numbers 29 - 21). And just for something a little bit different we haven't included the same old celebs, i.e. Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and Sienna Miller. They may rule the fashion roost but here at Shiny Towers we like to do things a little different. Therefore, without further ado, here are our pick of who was hot and who was so not last year....

The Style Winners

Annehathaway_1 The Best Newcomer Award - Anne Hathaway
The young star of 'The Devil Wears Prada' won over audiences with her ugly duckling to beautiful swan transformation that also transcended into real life.  So long Princess Diaries frump!

The Most Improved Award - Christina Aguilera & Colleen Mcloughlin
Forget those skanky dreadlocks and chaps, in 2006 Christina found her niche look with Marilyn-inspired blonde locks and hip-hugging 1940s outfits. Her revamped style makes her our 'most improved' winner for 2006 along with Colleen McLoughlin whose WAG spending habits have clearly helped her in more ways than one.

The Best Brit Award - Billie Piper
She went from teen pop idol to television queen when she won the role of Rose Tyler in Doctor Who becoming every young man's sci-fi fantasy. She may have left the series but her girl-next-door style continue to appeal to both guys and girls throughout Britain.


The Oscars Best-Dressed Award - Jessica Alba

She had it right from the quiffed hair to the long beaded train, there was very little we could fault with Jessica Alba's get-up at last year's Oscars ceremony. Wonder if she'll make it on the list again this year?


The Style Losers

The Least Improved Award (a.k.a who shrank in 2006) - Nicole Ritchie & Kate Bosworth & co
We hate to give further publicity to this increasing problem amongst young celebs, but for Nicole Ritchie and Kate Bosworth 2006 meant going from thin to thinner. Despite paving a fashion path of her very own, Nicole Ritchie's starving frame will continue to put her on our style loser list. Enough's, enough girls!


The Growing Old Ungracefully Award - Sharon Stone
The year started off badly for Sharon Stone when she rocked up to Elton John's Oscars after-party wearing this. Then she did the media rounds for the premiere of 'Basic Instinct 2' in an array of crazy and cringe-worthy outfits leaving us to wonder whether, like her movie,
she had officially lost the plot?

The Repeat Offender Award - Mariah Carey

Now we're all for curvaceous women but is it really necessary to see as much of Mariah Carey's flesh as possible? Mariah, it's time to give up the short skirts, low-cut tops, hooker heels and country-singer curls!




The Basic Instinct Award - Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton & co.
No, this isn't another gong for Sharon Stone but in 2006 we were literally left speechless at the number of celebs who not only chose to go commando but who got snapped stepping out of their limos bearing all for the world to see! Not a pretty sight at all....

Bring on 2007!