Cqsecrets_1It's all go at Shiny Towers for 2007. My fellow Shiny Fashionista Kim is now with us full time, and as such she'll be taking over the day-to-day running of Catwalk Queen so I can stick my oar in elsewhere. I'll still be contributing loads, but you'll be seeing much more of my Aussie sidekick from now on!

We decided with a new editor we needed new features, so here's the first. CQ Secrets is basically our chance to share what we've been swooning over in the past week or so. If you've always wondered what we talk about in the office, then you need to get out more look no further...

* Spanx higher power panties (still). We can't get enough of them, especially so soon after Christmas and Vegas.

* Forever 21 sprees. While in the US we discovered two things. Some Forever 21 stores are brilliant and cause us to spend $100 in a few minutes. Others are like Primark on a Saturday afternoon (hell).

* The Office sale. Why are the shoes we want never reduced in the colourway we're after? And do we really need the purple suede heels if we already have the grey? At £10, I think we do.

* All the white at the Golden Globes. If it makes Salma Hayek look frumpy, there is no hope for anyone else. Even you, Cameron 'toilet roll holder' Diaz.

* The Glam blog network awards. No mention of Catwalk Queen? Where's the love?

* Kat's designer handbag purchases. Is she getting paid more than us or something?

* Vox groups. We're just net geeks at heart, and we can now start a fashion community with all our mates and find even more reasons to waste our time online.

* Girlie nights out. It's The Bag Lady's birthday, we're being forced to frock up, and not everyone has as many dresses as I do. I'm going to be overdressed again, aren't I?

* London Fashion Week. It's uber-cool this year. Now where are our tickets to the Marc by Marc Jacobs show?

* Eye creams. We all work so hard we've got bags the size of a YSL Muse under our peepers. Winning out at the moment are Liz Earle and L'Occitane. We'll be doing full reviews soon.

* Celebrity Big Brother. Ok, it's not fashion related, but surely that's what everyone is talking about at the moment?