It's Friday afternoon, which means things at Shiny Towers are slowly winding down as we dream of post-work cocktails and lazy weekends. Here's what's been on our minds this week, from Dita's catwalk turn to the latest trapeze tops...

* Australia Day. With a fair few Aussies on our staff, it's no surprise that tonight is all about donning something comfortable and downing a few drinks. When Kim puts her cowboy boots on, we know it's going to be a long night.

* Spring collections on the high street. Why so many 3/4 sleeve jersey dresses? We got sick of them last year!

* Young women dressing middle aged. Ashley Olsen and Katie Holmes...we mean you!

* Haute Couture fashion week. Dita, Dior and lots and lots of white. What's not to love?

* Trapeze tops. Cool for hiding your belly or pregnancy tops in disguise?

* Retro specs. Gemma's been squinting a bit recently...and Kim is on the case.

* Hats. We can't get enough of them while it's so cold. Especially fluffy berets. Ooh la la!

* Krispy Kremes as Friday afternoon treats. They make us sick, they make us fat, they make us feel like proper fashionistas!