It seems that some of our fabulous non-UK friends are soon to be subject to the dubious price-hikes for which Topshop is affectionately known here in the UK!  Unfortunately, it appears that 'international' in Topshop-speak only includes the United States and Australia, so the rest of the world will have to wait.  That said - and as our friend, Susie Bubble, surmises - this may be Topshop's way of testing the waters before adding additional destinations.. so keep those fingers crossed!

Officially, Topshop will ship at a flat rate of £10 to the US and Australia, which isn't bad when you consider that they aim to have your goods to you within 5 working days!  Just mind the exchange rate, girls! (and I say that as a concerned Aussie ex-pat who has felt the pound-to-dollar pinch!)

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