In our £100 outfit challenge so far, we've covered Dotty P's, Topshop, Marks & Spencer, Evans, River Island, Principles and Wallis (phew!). While some stores have passed with flying colours, offering a dazzling outfit complete with shoes, bags, jewellery and party clothes; others have scraped through with a few key pieces and sale bargains. For today's challenge, I'm attempting to put together a complete outfit from Monsoon / Accessorize - who I will freely admit to being one of my favourite High Street stores. Unfortunately, their often-exorbitant prices (at Monsoon, at least) usually mean that I drool a lot - but purchase mainly during the sales. As such, I approached this challenge with some trepidation... will they pass or fail?  To see how they fared, keep reading after the cut!


One of the tricks to wearing grey is to use a fantastic jewel-bright accent colours. To get the look, start with this gorgeous 'Nigella' dress for £38 and add loads of glitz and glamour with bright pink accents.  The faceted necklace is £6, the amazing 'Disco' shoes are £40, and the eye-catching sequin bag is £15. A pretty fabulous haul at £99!

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