Kim Foster writes...

In addition to my recent video-work, I'm very excited to be writing my first ever column for Catwalk Queen. A die-hard fan of Sex And The City (then again, aren't we all?) I've always longed to one day have my own column and now that day has finally arrived (hurrah, cue fanfare!). Basically it'll be a wrap up of the latest fashion news, events, goss and I'll also be providing a bit of behind-the-scenes insight into the going-on's at Shiny Towers... I can feel the Shiny fashion crew quivering in their stacked heels already.

This week began with a lively response to the question - "Did Vogue airbrush Kate Winslet?", in which we were all on a high to hear that Catwalk Queen scored a mention in the style bible itself. Ecstatic to hear that the industry is finally sitting up and taking notice of fashion blogs, this was topped off with another mention, this time in Stella magazine for Kiss and Make Up. The InStyle magazine awards were announced with Topshop winning Best High Street of 2006 - no real surprises there. We love Topshop of course but will there be anything to rival or even better the giant chain store in the future? Let's hope so.

In celeb news, Kate Middleton (if you can call her a celeb) was all over the papers for bagging a job as an accessories buyer for Jigsaw. Of course this begs the question - will the future king of England allow his "bride-in-training" to continue working once she becomes the future queen of England or will she be relegated to doing the usual royalty duties reserved for women of charity work and garden parties? The nation waits with bated breath.... Speaking of weddings, it could soon be that Beyonce and Jay-Z will tie the knot this weekend if the tabloid tattle has it right. Regardless as to whether it's true or not, Beyonce is definitely looking hawt right now. I literally fell in love with her Elie Saab couture gown earlier this week which left me squealing "I want! I want! I want!"

And finally, with Christmas parties started to rev up (ours included) there were many posts this week on the all important topic of what the hell to wear? Christmas party dressing will obviously be a key theme this month as we aim to keep you looking fabulous for all the relevant celebratory occasions whether it be in front of your co-workers, best pals or your Nan.  Make sure to see Gemma's post on the Shiny girls tips for festive dressing - it definitely contains some great advice that you won't want to ignore. Feel free to add your own tips as well!

Well, that's all from me for now, as I pop to the loo to add some more slap and take control of the hair situation for today's Shiny Christmas bash. Keep an eye out for more column posts as the rest of the Shiny girls bring you their own spin on what's happening in the wonderful world of fashion.