Cqtop50What were the serious fashion hot topics for 2006? Well, there were quite a few. Some were oldies that had been rehashed, re-examined and discussed for the umpteenth time, and then there were some newbies that had us all talking over the office water coolers. Whatever the issue, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal readers for giving us their opinions when we asked... keep it up guys!

Top 50 of 2006 (44 - 40): Fashion Hot Topics

By far the biggest fashion hot topic of 2006 has to be the highly-publicised "size 0" debate. What began in Spain with a total ban on "skinny models" at Madrid Fashion Week soon flooded into the UK to coincide with London Fashion Week, and so the controversy began...

44. Child Models

As soon as we read that Cindy Crawford had allowed her five year-old daughter to be photographed topless in a string bikini for an advertising campaign, we knew this would stir up a whole lot of trouble. And we weren't wrong. Only weeks later another child model controversy errupted at LA Fashion Week when a ten year-old was allowed to parade down the catwalk in a bikini at the Ashley Paige show. Then Liz Hurley's kid's collection came under similar attack for using animal prints in her designs. The question raised - is this considered too sexy for a child or not? Now the topic is set to take off again with the news this week that child star Dakota Fanning has signed on to be the new face of Marc Jacobs Spring 2007 collection.

43. Airbrushing

Earlier this month Kate Winslet's appearance on the front cover of Vogue had everyone asking, why does she look so different? For obvious reasons Vogue maintained that no airbrushing was used, claiming they respected Kate's wishes (she supposedly against the use of the digital artistry to manipulate her images). The issue was further exemplified by Isabelle's post on how easy it is for publishing and photography agencies to retouch images. Scary stuff!

42. PETA vs. Burberry

The year began with a question from Gemma - 'Are you Fur Real?' sparking an overwhelming response from our readers who still seemed rather split in their opinion on the topic. Always a contentious issue, with PETA generally at the forefront, this year Burberry was in their firing line after contributing a fox-fur trimmed trench coat to an exhibition at the Met. Then during the Burberry show at Milan Fashion Week, PeTA organisers furthered their protest by ambushing the catwalk with anti-fur banners. PETA also targeted celebrities in their Fur Is Dead campaign by releasing their controversial 'Worst Dressed Celebrity List' for 2006. Those targeted: Nicole Ritchie, Ashley Olsen and Eva Longoria.

41. What is the Perfect Height/ Weight / Body Shape?

It was one of the posts that received the most comments this year when we turned the keyboard over to you guys to find out what you thought the ideal body size was.  Of course, the responses were quite varied and very interesting. They also helped to raise further issues of eating disorders, how males perceive us and how this affects our self-image. Keep an eye for more CQ Hot Topics in the future!

40. The "Size O" Debate

It all began in Spain, where new rules were imposed restricting models with a body mass index (BMI) under 18 from particpating in Madrid Fashion Week. The unprecedented ruling set tongues wagging all over the world, in particular in London where the pressure was put on London Fashion Week organisers to follow suit. This threatened to overshadow the event as both designers and models were dragged into the debate. Suddenly Lily Cole was being forced to defend herself to the media while designers Georgio Armani and Paul Smith urged a total ban on "skinny models". Everyone seemed to have an opinion, including us and you too. Hot, hot topic.