Ever since I braved the Melbourne Cup (a famous horse race that literally stops Australia) in a black suit complete with waistcoat, white shirt and fedora hat - don't laugh it actually looked good - I have been a fan of the female tuxedo. So I was thrilled to read the Telegraph's recent piece on the timeless tux.

With fashion now so transient allowing the lines to blur between womens and menswear (to a degree, of course) these days, it's difficult to imagine how appalling it once was for a woman to dress in a tux. YSL's famous "Le Smoking" suit didn't just make fashion history it also stirred up a social rucus which even saw women shunned for attempting to wear trousers in a restaurant!

Luckily, times have changed and our view of the tux is that of a classic; a timeless and sexy homage to our right to wear what we want without condemnation.

If you've always been a bit unsure as to how to make the tux work for you, then be sure to read the Telegraph's do's and dont's of how to wear a tuxedo.