Generally considered an easy opportunity for men to oogle gorgeous women in their lingerie during prime-time television, for me the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is an unmissable event. The music, the spectacle, the elaborate costumes and the celebs... in a word I think it's fabulous! This year's theme is "sexy" and who better to get the crowds going than Mr Sexy-Back himself - Justin Timberlake.

Along a glittery catwalk, behind a backdrop of "SEXY" spelt out in big gold letters, supermodels including Gisele Bundchen, strutted their stuff in an array of brassieres, panties, corsets and bustles adorned in jewellery, feathers, lace and of course angel wings - the VS signature theme. New looks for the collection included cheerleaders, air hostesses and even a tartan-clad warrior complete with Scottish bagpiper.

The show, which is usually held in New York moved to LA in 2004 due to broadcasting modesty issues, is scheduled to screen in the US on December 9th. For the rest of us images are already available on Fashion Wire Daily or simply stay tuned to the VS website for upcoming previews.

[Image courtesy of FWD.]