After our 'under £100' party outfit from Dorothy Perkins, complete with shoes and accessories, passed with flying colours at £88, we thought we'd put another high street store to the test.  Given the constant chatter about Topshop's price hikes over the past year, we wanted to see how far £100 would go!  As we've been featuring a lot of very girly, dressed-up outfits in our 'Get The Look' series so far, we looked to Topshop for an outfit appropriate for a day-time, more casual do.


To see how Topshop fared, keep reading after the cut...

First things first.  This wasn't an easy outfit to put together, simple as it may look.  Topshop's prices certainly aren't bargain basement, and I had to rifle through the website looking for the cheapest tops and accessories to keep to budget.

The look consists of the universally flattering boot-cut 'V Jeans' at £40, with a round-necked, collared blouse at £25, to give a nipped-in, flattering shape.  The raspberry ballet flat came in at £28, which wasn't too bad given that they're leather; and because it's scientific fact that women need to carry more things during the day, than at night - we added the cotton raspberry print tote at a reasonable £6. The total, you ask?  Topshop grazed in at £99 exactly.