One of my other fashion obsessions is Endora (click for ama-aazing pic of her and her screen daughter Samantha Stevens), the mother-in-law from Bewitched. I loved her wicked sense of humour and wild dress sense, and I think she sparked off my love of ginger hair (don't we always want what we can't have?!) She was a vibrant antidote to all those terrible mother-in-law stereotypes. In her honour I have picked out an outfit worthy of any space-travelling witch, picture after the jump.


The Gold Junie pump from Office  (£59) is pure Endora, very 60's with the buckle and totally over the top, Asos' shadow print dress is only £25 and also looks the part. Wear with kooky clashing tights,  Topshop's leopard print ones are £9, or pick from one of the many colours on offer from Jonathan Aston at MyTights, a green pair would set off the dress perfectly and at only £4.95 you can buy a few. Add the star detail ring from Dorothy Perkins (£6),  some glittery Eley Kishimoto for 17 eyeshadow (sadly sold out of their 'Spell' colour!), a malicious streak, and a twitchy nose and you're there!