MarykateashleyolsenThe Olsen twins. Aren't they cute? Don't they just remind you of a pair of little dolls, with their great big eyes and dinky little bodies? And don't they sometimes exhibit the strangest fashion sense ever, with their big baggy clothes and huge shoes? (Yes, MK, I'm talking to you, here. Ashley? Not so much.) Well, soon we, too, will be able to dress just like the Olsens. Maybe. The twins already have their hugely-successful clothing line for "tweens", but they're now apparently interested in capturing an older market with a more sophisticated, "up market" line of clothing.

M-K & A are also considering a new fashion line for teenage boy, and are said to be in the process of developing a health show aimed at - wait for it - five year olds. Hmmm. It may be just me, but I have a certain fondness for the Olsens: I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with.