Msdress_1 Marks & Spencer have being doing rather well lately, with their Burberry-esque and magic dresses; and even their shoes have been rating a few mentions over on Shoewawa.  All of that said, though, I was still completely gobsmacked to see this beautiful, vixen-like, stunner of a dress on their website!

The fabulous styling in the picture brings to mind the glamorous queens of yesteryear's silver screen; and the sumptuous gold and pewter tones of the dress would be the highlight of any red carpet you wished to tread.

So how much would you pay to smoulder like a sex-kitten, and have every man - and woman's - eye in the room on you?  I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be thinking £79 from M&S, in any case!

Just don't forget your fashion tape, to avoid any red carpet blunders!