Scanty_pajamas_sml_1The sun may be shining in the UK, but warm it is not!  We've already enticed your frosty extremities with some fabulous hats, gloves and scarves this week; but what better to do in Winter than curl up with a hot drink in some oh-so-cosy pyjamas?

We're not the only ones to think that!  The always-stylish, and ever-adorable Rachel Bilson has recently been spotted in a pair of thermal Scanty pyjamas.. and Uggs!  Now, I know that Uggs as a fashion statement are no longer de rigueur, but they're difficult to beat for snuggly feet when the cold sets in, and in that sense, they're the perfect slippers.  Uggs are available from Ugg Australia, and a limited range from ASOS.

If you like Rachel's style, her pyjamas are the A/W 06 'Scanty Eskimos', available for pre-order at $77 from NessaLee Style, for delivery on 15 November.  The PJs pictured here are 'Love My Scanty', $78 from Pyjama Heaven, who also have a large range of other Scanty styles and prints!  The best thing?  All sites ship worldwide, so you've no excuse for shivering about the house!