Paris, Paris, Paris.. When we said that Rachel Bilson looked adorable in her PJs, we honestly weren't suggesting that one should go shopping without getting dressed.  We all feel sometimes that we have nothing to wear, but surely you can find something.. anything, in what must be a house-sized wardrobe by now! 

Yes, yes, the hearts and arrows are a decent, cutesy take on the skull and crossbones print that's been done to death; and I can forgive you for wanting to wear something comfortable for a change.  But next time, swap the pyjama pants for a pair of jeans and the world will be none the wiser! 

For those girls (or guys) who want to wear their pyjamas in public too, you can pick up the tank top, pants and hoodie - all by Primp (yes, they're back again!) - from celeb fave Shop Intuition.