SpanxWith the festive season just around the corner many of us probably have plans to slim into party dresses by December 24th or tone up those curves for fitted frocks. However Christmas parties begin earlier each year, and all the nibbles, cocktails and other treats that will no doubt be shoved under our noses for the next couple of months will quickly make losing weight a near-impossible task. It's time for drastic action and big knickers!

But the problem with big knickers and shapewear is that when you squash something down it has to come out somewhere, meaning most big pants just dig in at the waist, flattering the tum but giving you the world's worst muffin top in return.

Step forward Spanx 'Higher Power', the bestselling super-high waisted version of their miracle working 'power panties'. The all in one shapewear pants might not look sexy, but put them on under a fitted dress and you'll see an instant difference...

The trick in the high waist, which sits more or less directly under your bra, leaving no room for wayward flesh to stick out, and flattening not only the tum but everything up to your cleavage, giving you a killer waistline without much effort. The legs stretch down to mid-thigh, and have no thick bands to cut into the leg.

After trying a pair myself, I've converted many friends to these wonder knickers. When I had to squeeze myself into a fancy dress outfit that was a size too small for me, these babies were the only way I was ever going to get the zip up, and under a fitted dress that leaves no room for VPL these an absolute blessing.

At around £23 a pair the higher power panties aren't cheap, but if you're fed up of holding your stomach in, or if you have a clingy outfit that won't work with regular undies they're well worth the investment. They come in black or nude in a range of sizes. Be sure to order the correct size by using the spanx chart height and weight. These are seriously supportive and leave little room for squeezing in!

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