Chip_pepper_stellaIf you're like me - and most of the women I know - finding a pair of jeans that fit just right is a rare event - an almost impossible task!  Happily, though - we may have met our match! 

Chip & Pepper - a cult denim brand favoured by Scarlett Johannson - heard the cries of women around the world who loved their low-rise jeans, but not the related phenomenon "the plumber's smile".  In a stroke of genius, they created a range of low-rise jeans that used a short 7" rise at the front, and a longer 11" rise at the back.  In doing so, the proportion of the jeans was perfect - they look and feel low-rise, but the longer back means that even those of us with 'J.Lo assets' can sit down without risking arrest for indecent exposure!

The style - 'Stella' - has been immensely popular, which hopefully means that they'll release even more styles and washes!  If you can't wait to get your hands on some denim magic, they're available in a medium-wash bootcut for $145 from Revolve Clothing, or a faded straight-leg style for $140 from Neiman Marcus.