It's territory usually covered by our pals over at TV Scoop, but since they're otherwise engaged with their Strictly Come Dancing coverage (that's the UK answer to 'Dancing With The Stars', US readers) it's up to us to remind you (ha! like you need it) that rival show X Factor is now on live every Saturday, which means we can spend our weekends wondering if this year's contestants will have the staying power of our Susi's new best mate, Chico....

The judges are always rambling on about keeping the young, impressionable 16 - 24s looking their age, so it's nice to see the stylists are still dressing them in finds from the good old UK high street. Last Saturday Nikitta dressed appropriately for the Motown themed show in this retro print mini dress from Miss Selfridge (£35).

Something tells me Sharon Osbourne and presenter Kate Thornton were wearing slightly more pricey threads, though!