Whoops, she did it again! After making herself the talk of New York Fashion Week with her frequent outfit changes just a couple of weeks ago, Victoria Beckham staged her own mini-fashion show in Paris this week, this time sporting the very latest, must-have accessory - Katie Holmes.

The pair were in Paris on a "girlie" trip, apparently, and seem to have gone to some trouble to co-ordinate their outfits throughout. Bless. So, what's the verdict then? I'm going to once again set myself up for ridicule by saying that, perma-tan aside, I think Victoria looks great in these pictures. Katie, on the other hand - well, she's a fairly classic dresser, but am I alone in thinking that all of these outfits are just way, way too old for her?


Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed Katie Holmes. You can just imagine the scene in their hotel, can't you? "No, Katie, I wore white and you wore black yesterday. Now we switch..."


Working the 'Reservoir Dogs' look.