Janet_jackson_2 I actually thought it was a joke when I read that Janet Jackson had been named "Ultimate Style Icon" at last night's Hollywood Style Awards. And to be fair to Janet, I haven't been following her style that closely, but the "nipple star" certainly stands out, begging the questions "Who judges these things?", "Was there seriously no one more stylish than Janet to give the award to?" and "I wonder how much that cost her?"

Perhaps I'm being unfair. But no, wait: at the same awards, Nicolette Sheridan was given the Style Siren Award. Nicolette. Sheridan. Am I missing something here? Did Nicolette somehow turn into a style siren without me noticing? Odd. Bringing a degree of normality to proceedings, meanwhile, British designer Jenny Packham was named Hollywood Style Designer of the Year for her contribution to style on the red carpet. Renzo Rosso, of Diesel, meanwhile, was decreed Fashion Visionary of the Year.