Over on our Shiny Fashion Forums, one of our readers, Vero, has asked us about wrap dresses and tops to hide that little tum-tum that many of us are 'blessed' with. As I swear by wrap dresses these days I thought I'd have a look at some high-street offerings in the UK that would help disguise any wobbly bits and keep you fashionable all at the same time! Thankfully wrap dresses are one of those few fashion items which curvy girls look better in that waifs - just look at Trinny 'What Not To Wear' Woodall at Jimmy Choo's 10th anniversary party, skin and bones, people, skin and bones. Click on the jump below to see where these delicious wrap dresses are from, how to wear them, and also have a perve on some fancy-schmancy evening-wear wrap dresses for you lucky social types!

The houndstooth dress on the top left is from River Island (£39.99) and whilst not a proper wrap-dress, it creates the effect with the ruched feature on the side. This is a great faux-wrap dress which doesn't have the usual tie around the waist, just something a little different for your wardrobe so you don't constantly look like a Christmas present! Plus, the houndstooth material will flatter any extra-curvy parts of your body by disguising it with the busy print.

The black wrap dress on the right is a £40 offering from my favourite high-street haunt, TopShop, and is rather clingy-looking so may not be best for those occasional 'fat days' us girls get. As it doesn't look like it comes with a belt or waist-tie, I'd suggest getting either a vintage man's silk tie from eBay or your local charity shop, something in a vivid teal or red, otherwise head to your nearest craft store and get a length of a lovely thick black chiffon ribbon to wrap around the waist. Team either of these looks with opaque tights and either calf-length boots, ankle boots, or flats.
If you fancy splashing out on a £100 dress from TopShop (well, it is 100% silk), look no further than the black number on the left. The lace details on the skirt will streamline your figure, whilst the details on the top will enhance your bust. This dress is so flattering, I cannot emphasise it enough. For the more daring amongst us, the green satin dress from Warehouse (£55) is perfect for an evening out. Normally satin, with all its clinging-horrors is something us larger girls shy away from, however in a wrap format it can be rather flattering, with just enough cleavage showing to attract attention away from any wobbly bits. Pair either of these dresses with some lovely court shoes or stiletto boots and a shawl to cover any bingo-wings you may or may not have, and you're set!

Make sure you check Catwalk Queen tomorrow when we'll take a look at wrap tops!