Topshop_15 has been down the last few days as they work on a 'bigger better' website. What this actually means remains a mystery, but here are the ten things we'd like to see from the new online store...

1. A non-flash version.
How much do I hate websites that force you to navigate through flash, scroll using clicky arrows and use silly newfangled ways of viewing images? About as much as I hate velour romper suits.

2. International shipping.
I dream of this for my friends in foreign climes, but also for my sanity. Opening ten emails a day that ask 'how can I get X from Topshop if I live in the US?' and then reading another ten comments saying exactly the same does wear thin after a while. Fingers crossed this will be a new inclusion to the site, since it's been promised for so long. They do like to tease us, don't they?

3. Larger amounts of stock.
Topshop have a great catalogue of items, but the best bits always seem to sell out in five minutes flat. They need more of each thing, especially if they're going to be shipping internationally. There's nothing worse that seeing a dress you love, saving the cash for it and finding it's disappeared from the site.

4. More sizes.
Since a size 16 in Topshop is more like a size 14 anywhere else, it would be nice to see them increase their size range up as well as down - particularly in jeans and underwear. More shoe sizes would be good too.

5. A return to proper high street prices.
No I don't want to spend £90 on a dress I could get in Asda for £20, thanks.

6. More shoes!
Because who doesn't love more shoes?

7. Stuff that's only usually available in London
The Oxford Circus flagship Topshop store has loads of extras that can't be found in the rest of the country. Miss Selfridge have started selling their London exclusives online. Topshop should follow their lead.

8. Outfit suggestions
A la Net-a-Porter, Bergdorfs and so on, when clicking an item it would be great to see links appear in the sidebar giving suggestions of things to wear with it. May bad ensembles be a thing of the past!

9. The Topshop blog
We're available to write for you, you know...

10. Free shipping and returns
Well, we can but dream.