Sienna_1 As you're probably all aware by now, one-time Boho babe Sienna Miller has just been signed up as the new face of Pepe Jeans - she and boyfriend/fiance/guy who slept with the nanny Jude Law were hanging out with Matthew Williamson, Christopher Bailey and Roland Mouret at a party held by the jeans label this week. Lucky sods.

Sienna kind of disappeared off the fashion radar for a while there, at around about the time the boho look started to die a death, so I'm wondering what everyone thinks of her style these days? Has Sienna got what it takes to make Pepe into the must-have jeans label of the moment? And also: why has Jude started dressing like a seventies porn star with the whole "chest hair poking out the top of the t-shirt" look? WHY?