Sienna_miller_1 Isn't it nice to see Sienna all scrubbed up for once, rather than running around in baggy ole boho? It's when she wears dresses like this one (and I use the word "dress" here in the loosest possible sense - it was worn as a top when Marchesa paraded it down the runway recently) that I'm reminded just why it is that Sienna was once the darling of the UK fashion scene, and, let's be honest - I'd almost forgotten.

Sienna seems determined to earn back her fashionista badge, though: this week she hosted a special dinner for Marchesa designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, and some fashion big shots were in attendance, including model Helena Christensen , the omnipresent Rachel Zoe, Vogue's Lauren Davis, and actress Anne Hathaway (OK, so not exactly a fashion big-shot, but she was in The Devil Wears Prada...). Welcome back Sienna! If you get bored with the dress, can I have it?