Madonna_1 Madonna is having a very bad week. First of all she was roundly criticised for her adoption of baby David Branda from Malawi, now it seems her infamous jogging suit hasn't exactly been flying off the shelves at H&M either.  Well, colour me amazed. Who could have predicted that people wouldn't want to wear white velour? H&M certainly didn't, that's for sure. Three months after Madonna's tracksuit went on sale, the chain are said to be "disappointed" by the poor sales for the piece.

Although when the tracksuit was launched, it was widely reported to have been designed by Madonna, H&M are now claiming that it was merely "Madonna inspired". They also maintain that comparisons with Stella McCartney's hugely successful H&M line are unfair, as Stella designed a 50 piece line for them, while the Madonna tracksuit was just another H&M piece all along.