Lindsay_3 Lindsay Lohan - presumably under the impression that we don't get to see nearly enough of her as it is - is the latest in a long line of actress/model/whatevers to voice an interest in the world of fashion. Lindsay is said to be desperately seeking businesses partners to open a new fashion and tattoo boutique in Los Angeles. So that you can, you know,  get yourself a quick tattoo while you stock up on your winter wardrobe.

The inspiration for this is apparently the "La Belle Vita" tattoo Lindsay got on her hip recently. Keep to bring that unique Lohan style to the rest of us, she wants to start her own brand, encompassing clothes and tatt's.  No word as yet on whether Lindsay will be designing items herself or leaving that up to the staff, but tell me: what do you think of Lindsay's style? And, more to the point, what do you think of tattoos?