Topshop_10 Well, the rumours have been spreading all day, and for once in a way, it looks like the rumours were true. Sort of.  Jane Shepherdson, Topshop's brand director of 18 years, has quit her job, amid a flurry of speculation that it's all because of Kate Moss. I mean, we might have known, really. If there's trouble, our Kate will find it, sniffing it out as surely as boyfriend Pete Docherty sniffs out class A substances. (Allegedly)

If the rumour mill is to be believed (and it's been right once today already, so you never know), Shepherdson was not consulted over Kate's new design job for the high street chain - and was mightily displeased when she found out about it. Topshop owner, Sir Philip Green, has, of course, denied that Kate was the reason for Jane's resignation, but still - people will talk, won't they?

If  Shepherdson's resignation is due to the mother of all hissy fits, it's maybe just a little bit misguided. Topshop snagging Kate is being hailed as the high street coup of the decade, and is predicted to earn the chain millions as we all rush to get our hands on some Kate-inspired fashion. Still, it'll be interesting to see where she washes up next. Jane Shepherdson is widely credited as the person who turned Topshop into the fashion mecca it is today, and if she can do the same for some other store, well, more power to her elbow I say.

Her job at Topshop, meanwhile, is likely to be filled by Karyn Fenn (buying director) and Mary Homer (commercial and merchandising director). Oh, and Kate Moss, natch.