You'd be forgiven for thinking the clothes at George at Asda were good, up to par with normal high-street chains such as TopShop and Warehouse, but mistaking them for designer? No way. However, reportedly the supermodel wife of David Bowie, Iman, recently gave her fashion stylist a list of designers' names she wanted clothes from, Armani, Gucci and Jean Paul Gaultier, all fairly normal, however the stylist was confused by a certain name, 'George Adasda?', he reportedly asked Iman, to which she replied 'yes, he's a very hot English designer, everyone was talking about him'. Suddenly the stylist twigged as to who she was referring to - George at Asda. Idiot. But with prices like £30 for the blue coat on the left, and £65 for the woollen coat on the right, you'd be crazy not to indulge!