Bad news first (well, bad for those of you who hate skinny jeans, anyway): Daniella Clarke, the designer behind Frankie B jeans, unveiled her latest collection at LA Fashion Week yesterday, and it was skinnies all the way. Drainpipes, in fact. If this is a sign of the future, well, the future's looking skintight, I'm afraid. Better stock up on your bootcuts now, while you still can.

There is some good news, though. In addition to her own line for Frankie B, Clarke has also been designing jeans for the Her 2 Genes Campaign, which aims to fight the HER2+ strain of breast cancer (the most aggressive kind). As well as being bootcut, the jeans also help charity, with Frankie B donating $107 (no, that's not a typo) to the Her2Genes campaign for every pair bought.  The jeans themselves are expensive, at $165, but when you consider that such a huge chunk of that is going to charity, I'm pretty impressed. Buy them at the Frankie B website.