Shopping for trousers is hell. There's always something wrong with them; they're too long, they're too short, the hips are too tight, the waist is too loose, your arse looks the size of a small know what I'm talking about. Finding the perfect pair in the UK is near-on impossible sometimes, but things are improving across the pond. Not only do you have Gap peddling their Audreys, Chinos and curvy fits, but Express are advertising the hell out of their 'Editor' pant, the does-it-all flattering style that'll take you from day to night in all manner of fabrics and cut variations, and Victoria's Secret are also paying attention to our need for the perfect fitting bottoms with their four styles, each one aiming to do a different thing to make us look gorgeous. Granted, Gisele (above) would look good in a burlap sack, but she shows us how (l-r) Christie will give us a derriere to die for, Low-rise Kate gives a sexy look, Marissa elongates the leg and Bridget will make our waist look slimmer. Now they just need to create the 'Gemma', which would hopefully do all four!