FashpoliceThe Fashion Police only stop by Catwalk Queen every now and then because I like to be positive when I can! I try not to take photos of every person I see with a slightly dodgy outfit. After all, everyone makes mistakes and I know I've left the house in some ridiculous ensembles in the past which I'd rather forget about now...I wouldn't be happy if someone posted pictures online.

However, some people just ask for it, and when you go outside in horizontal striped leggings teamed with checked shoes and star print hoodie, you're going to get snapped by shocked fashionistas. Especially when your bezzie mate then shows up next to you in the checked version of the same trousers. Oh, where do I start, ladies?

These girls were obviously tourists, as is evident from the backpacks and copious amounts of shopping bags. Fingers crossed they have now returned to their home country so we won't have to see such awful fashion disatasters ever again. We can but hope!