Elizabeth_jagger Now, before you all rush to flame me at once, that's not my own opinion in the title. No, it's the opinion (or so we're told) of Elizabeth Jagger's model colleagues, who are said to be getting annoyed by Jagger's refusal to wear deoderant. Liz won't wear the sticky stuff because it contains chemicals, but apparently the backstage bitching over the issue has caused a bit of a stink (sorry) - so much so that none other than Kate Moss has been forced to step in to try and sort it all out.

“Kate hated people being rude about Lizzie behind her back and she realised the problem could affect Lizzie’s bookings and ruin her sex symbol status," a mysterious source told the Daily Star. “But Lizzie was really hurt when Kate tactfully suggested she should try deodorant. She even offered to go to the chemist to buy her some.”