Shopping_1 According to a survey from Halifax credit cards, we Brits are spending something in the region of £4.3 billion per year on clothes and shoes. Go, Brits! I can totally believe it: some months I feel like I could spend that much on my own, but when you boil it down, is it really so bad? It works out at roughly £1800 per household per year, and assuming that there are two adults in the household, around £900 each. Excessive, do you think? Or pretty reasonable, really?

At the same time, another survey reveals that I am not alone in occasionally (only very occassionally, mind) playing the "What, this old thing? Oh, I've had this for years!" game, by hiding new purchases and then trying to pass them off as ancient items which have been dredged out of the bottom of the wardrobe. Oops.  This same survey claims that the average woman aged 40 or over has around 19 pairs of shoes - only 19 pairs?!