The last week or so of weather here in Blighty has been down right miserable, forcing most of us to shove all those skirts we bought on sale just a fortnight ago, to the depths of our wardrobes. However, I'm still wearing mine, and I'll let you in on my little secret: woollen tights. Whether ribbed, or just plain ol' thick, they've got my legs feeling toasty warm under a skirt or 60s shift, and the best thing is, you can get away with wearing them with heels, not just boots! MyTights.com have the best selection of tights I've ever seen, with the Trasparenze Gennifer merino wool tights in the top left being £9.95 with just about every colour available; the Falke soft merino ribbed tights on the right come in all suitable winter colours but are pricey at £20 a pair; next are the plain Falke woollen tights for £19, which are the ones I'll be sporting this Winter, and finally the Kunert wide rib woollen tights are £14.95 a pair. Don't feel too guilty for splurging on expensive tights - after all, didn't our Mothers always tell us to rug up to beat the Winter chills?