Cphsfalogo_1 After our recent debates on which high street store is the best for cheap fashion, it's time to get your phone fingers at the ready and do some voting for real.

The Prima High Street Fashion Awards take place next Tuesday (they're sponsored by Comfort. Can you tell?), and while most of the categories will be judged by the head homchos at Prima themselves, they're letting the rest of us loose on the "Best Value for Money" category, which will be judged be we, the people.

The nominees are Primark, Matalan, New Look, George at Asda and Tesco, and the numbers you'll need to call to place your vote are below. Just remember to tell us who you're voting for first, so we can claim that Catwalk Queen swayed it for the winner. (And also because I'm nosey...)

To Vote call 09011 900 761 and then press the number associated with your favourite store:

Primark is option 1

Matalan is option 2

New Look is option 3

George at Asda is option 4

Tesco is option 5